A Tangled Skein

Quarion’s Log, Supplemental, 20 Olarune 994 YK

An analysis of draconic prophecy, and it's effects on travelling company size.

As mentioned in my previous log, I managed to translate the dragonmark notated above. It is obviously some bit of draconic prophecy, but it’s meaning is (as is often the case with these things) currently obfuscated.

Here are my current theories of the first half of the prophecy:

Starting with the second line: “A mist will cloud and time will hide.” We have probably just encountered the mist in question. I’m assuming that “time will hide” is referencing the fact that the mist remains. For how long, we do not yet know – but if this prophecy is correct, it may subsist for an extended period.

“Three will seek, five will find.” Three of us began this adventure. Our party currently numbers six. That could mean one of several possibilities:

1. Post and Olohorn will not depart from our company at the lightning rail, and instead join our ranks. That is my preference. Though I do not know much of the dwarf, the girl Post intrigues me with her mastery of the mind. For this party to remain at five, we will have to leave the halfling thief along the way. This is also my preference.

2. Post and Olohorn will depart from our company at the lightning rail. The halfling will remain in our company, and we will add a fifth member at some point. How we will deal with this miniature menace in the meantime, I do not yet know.

3. Post, Olohorn, and the thief will all depart from our company. We will then add two more to our ranks in the future.

My analysis continues. I will write more as I discover more facts.



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