A Tangled Skein

Quarion's Log, 20 Olarune 994 YK

The stars give the date as 20 Olarune 994 YK

Our mission to investigate an abandoned tower on the outskirts of the battlefield this morning proved quite…eventful.

We arrived as silently as possible, though the clanking of Aukan and Sledge’s armor was difficult to silence. At first, I found folly in sending brutish warriors on a scouting mission, but they soon proved their worth. As our away team descended on the entrance to the tower, I noticed some strange tracks on the ground next to a pile of rubble. No sooner had I determined them to be of kruthik origin, did the bugs appear. We dispatched them quite easily, but a curious thing happened. A previously-hidden halfling jumped out and aided us in mid-battle! A brief introduction was all that I needed to determine that he was a thief. His mouth continued to spew forth platitudes and flattering words, but was thankfully silenced by the arrival of more kruthiks. I roasted them quickly, but they were followed by some very odd creatures. Dolgrums, they are called, though this was my first encounter with one. However, it is not acceptable to refer a dolgrum as “one” since they possess two sets of arms, two mouths, and apparently two brains. This allowed them to act twice as often as my comrades and I. But, that did not allow them to best us, by any means.

During the battle that followed, my associates fought bravely. Even the thief attempted to help, though his wayward dagger did as much damage to Aukan’s foot as it did to the enemy. Sledge used his unique ability to summon a creature to attack for him, which proved to be quite beneficial.

Once inside the tower, I magically lit the interior to discover a well-dressed dwarf bound and unconscious on a dragonmark! A female who identified herself as Post was also bound nearby, but awake. After we released them (and prevented the thief from picking their pockets), I studied the dragonmark. Its meaning I will transcribe on another page, as I think it deserves more careful study.

Post begged us to escort her and her employer (a member of House Kundarak) to the nearest lightning rail station. Our sergeant agreed (a little too hastily, by my reckoning), and we started to leave the tower.

Once outside we were met with a small army of undead and their commanders. A witch and her lieutenants directed a force of shambling zombies towards us, and we immediately took action. Post stayed behind to guard her employer, and only once used some brand of magic I had not yet seen to cause a zombie’s head to explode! I shall seek out her unique knowledge as soon as I am able.

During the conflict that followed, a most disturbing event transpired. Off to the West, a gathering darkness, an omen of ill, began to grow from the area of our army’s encampment. It seems that a full-scale battle was finally taking place there, and the darkness grew above it. A chill wind began to blow, and horrid sounds emanated from the region. I fear some evil magic was loosed there.

Once again, my compatriots and I fought in earnest, and our battle with the undead was soon won. The zombies were dispatched without trouble, and their commanders soon followed. Many of us were wounded, some severely, but all survived.

I searched the bodies and discovered a Diamond Wand, un-soiled by the witch’s necromantic powers. She must have recently “acquired” it as spoils of battle. I say recently, because she did not seem attuned to it, nor was the wand sick with her evil. Curious. I shall study this wand closely, and I hope to make use of it myself. Perhaps I can redeem it of any evil it has so far enabled.

The cleric also discovered a long sword, but I do not know if his training is sufficient to wield it.

Once again our attentions turned to the West. It seems a grey mist had settled over the land, and we could see no living thing within. The mist appeared to stop at the river we had crossed that morning, but past that, it went as far as even my Eladrin eyes could see. I fear that doom is upon us.

I advised my company to rest within the tower to regain some of their strength, as they were bloodied and exhausted from battle. I still possessed the ability to keep watch, and would awaken them at the first sign of trouble. They would hear no wisdom, however, and spurred on by promises of reward, decided to make towards the lightning rail.

I only hope that in the future, they will heed my wise counsel. It is extremely short-sighted to travel through a desperate and dangerous land while un-rested and weary. Evil gives no quarter to the foolish.

Aukon’s mind was soon troubled by the fate of our battalion, however. He sent me to discover what I could about the mist, and the fates of the armies within. It was a short distance, but when I arrived, I felt an un-natural hopelessness descend upon me. As I got closer to the mist, I felt disoriented, and I could see that nothing remained alive within its grasp.

My senses indicated that it was no longer poisonous, so I crossed the river. The hopelessness and disorientation grew overwhelming, and only my quick reaction and insight allowed me to return unharmed. I will not enter it again willingly.

I returned and relayed my findings to our group. Saddened and dismayed, we made our preparations to depart. We do not know how far into Cyre the mist extends, but none of us hold out much hope for anyone who encounters it. Our only task before us is to see the House Kunderak folk to their destination. What we will do then is unknown. I hope that we will soon try and find another entrance back into Cyre so that we may investigate this mist.



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