A Tangled Skein

Quarion's Log, Supplemental, 24 Olorune 994 YK

An analysis of draconic prophecy, and it's effect on the recently deceased.

My previous log concerning this prophecy only covered the first line and a half. I think now that I understand the rest of that second line. “A mist will cloud and time will hide”...the mist we have previously discussed and should be obvious at this point. “And time will hide” is the phrase I focus on here.

The bodies of the deceased that we discovered after we crossed the borders of our nation appear to be in a state of perpeutal suspension of decay. They look as if they are only moments dead, certainly not the four days it has been since this catastrophe occurred. Could the ash that covers everything have some sort of preservative qualities? I have taken a sample of ash and will endeaver (if we return alive from this mission) to study it further.



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