Garret "Fingers" Phineous

Halfling Rogue


STR 10 CON 11 DEX 20 WIS 8 INT 10 CHA 16

AC 17 Fort 10 Reflex 17 Will 13 Passive Insight 9 Passive Perception 14

Weapons—Dagger and Short Sword Languages—Common and Giant


What is a past, but a millstone around one’s neck? It’s right now that counts and what counts is money! There’s nothing finer in life than parting a fool from his money and into my own pocket.

I grew up in a city in Sarlona. I have no memory of my parents. My earliest memory is of bilking compassionate suckers out of alms by playing the old “lame homeless child” bit and then bringing back my earnings to Tooth, our kindly leader. He taught me everything I know.

After learning all I could I decided to steal Tooth’s purse and leave the continent for greener pastures.

If I can circumvent a fight by using my own charming gift of gab, I will. However, if it comes to blows, I will fight to the death and I will not fight fairly. Fairness in a real world fight is just asinine. I’ll kill you before you know you’re dead…and good riddance!

Garret "Fingers" Phineous

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