Mircin Tandis

a Cyran Minister of Trade



Mircin is a (former) trade minister of Cyre. He was not from a noble family. His father was an extremely successful merchant and used his economic influence to elevate the status of the Tandis family.

Mircin followed in his father’s footsteps as an aggressive businessman. His impressive negotiation skills earned him the appointment of trade minister.

Mircin has a reputation of taking charge, even when doing so exceeds his authority. Though his tendency to succeed combined with his overall charismatic demeanor have allowed him to oversteps his bound without much consequence.

Olarune 20 – 23

Mircin happened to be visiting Gatherhold when the Mourning occurred. He had attempted to report to the palace early on the day after the Mourning. The inability to contact the palace surprised him. His anxiety grew quickly when his repeated attempts failed on the second day as well. He had overheard some military discussions at the palace and he feared that some attack, possibly Karrnathi, had fallen on the capital.

Additionally, by the end of the second day, he found that some members of the various houses present in Gatherhold were having the same trouble contacting their people in Cyre.

When he learned of the arrival of Cyran soldiers at Gatherhold, he immediately arranged to meet with them. He was shocked to hear the story of the gray mist bordering the river. Considering himself the senior official of Cyre present in Gatherhold, Mircin arranged for both for the care of the Cyran refugees as well as an intelligence gathering expedition to Metrol. He expended the bulk of financial resources available to him in Gatherhold by doing so.

His hope is to reconnect with the Queen. His fear is that the capital is lost.

Mircin Tandis

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